Saturday, July 26, 2008

Throttle arrived today!

Less than 48 hours after ordering my pot box, there was a knock at the door and a courier delivered my Curtis PB 6 from Bylong Industries in Sydney (650 miles away). I was very impressed at the speedy service... Thank you to all those people who have donated via PayPal - Even after buying the Pot Box I still have $460 towards the motor & controller.

I also visited the local wrecker on a whim - dreading the possibility of public ridicule for my project, but instead the opposite happened. Not only does he have an N13, not only is he happy to knock $10 off the price of the parts I need, he'll also let me take them off myself, giving me some invaluable experience when it comes to the actual conversion! I am stoked!!

At the moment, I'm only after a heater core and ignition barrel so I can start the modifications and then just slot them into the conversion once the motor comes out. If I have time, I may even swap over the heater coil and wire it up so it's operational before I convert the motor - one less thing to worry about on C-Day (or should that be E-Day??)

I also picked up a missile switch and some wire connectors at Dick Smith Electronics. I asked about industrial battery chargers but they only have toy ones. I'll need to go to someone like Leaver Industries for anything suitable for my EV.

My daughter wants to play on the swings, so I'll post another update shortly!

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