Friday, August 1, 2008

Ignition system sorted out

I went to the wreckers today for 2 parts: the ignition barrel and the heater core. I spent 2 hours in the blazing spring sun taking apart the dash and console only to find that it's the wrong heater core - it's got air conditioning and is the wrong size, shape and has too many pipes. I was bummed!

Still, I got the ignition parts I wanted so after coming home and having a coke, I just got stuck in. I've rigged up a little bench to my little 12v lawnmower motor so I can test various bits and pieces, so see how they will work in the EV. After stripping a little of each cable and using some solder, I've got a VERY rough demonstration of how the ignition will work. Don't laugh because it's only a demo.

I've incorporated a kill switch into the circuit. That's not only because I'm paranoid about safety - it's also a good idea for when it comes time to be inspected. The inspectors really like fuses and safety switches...

The way it works is the battery connects to the red wire, the white wire powers the electrics like headlights and radio and the black/white wire provides power to the motor via the kill switch.

Nice and simple, nice and safe.

I'll have to figure out another way to modify the heater. I'm in no hurry to destroy the Pulsar's dashboard.

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