Monday, July 21, 2008

"Give us the tools, and we will finish the job"

Well, the job at hand isn't quite as large as the one Churchill was talking about, but I feel a lot better about it now. We went grocery shopping tonight and Aldi still had a couple of their power tool specials available, so I snapped one up.

Many of the converters on the DIY Forum advise using cheap power tools for cutting and grinding since they are so cheap and I'm unlikely to need them again (not being a hands-on kinda guy).

So, for $80 I picked up another cordless drill, a jigsaw, sander and torch. I'll be using the sander to remove the rust from the car body, the jigsaw for cutting out the adapter plate and the drill for all those bolt holes I need to drill...

Made me a very happy shopper!

In other news, I'm adding a panel to the right-side of this blog to keep a running track of fuel prices. Today I made a bargain and got 26 litres for $40 - $1.519 a litre... Let's see how quickly we can get to $2/l - I'm guessing before Christmas.

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