Sunday, July 20, 2008

No luck at Jaycar

Today at lunchtime I ducked up the road to our local Jaycar. Now that my tax refund has arrived I'm trying to track down a few outstanding components. Here's a short list with guess-prices based on KiwiEV's costings. Hopefully with the dive of the $US against the $AUS they should be a little cheaper now:

Turbo Timer: $12.50
200v DC Digital Voltmeter: $20
160v 500A DC Ammeter + Shunt: $60
200v 10A DC Solid State Relays x 2: $120
160V 250A DC Circuit Breaker: $140
SW200 Main Contactor: $110
Inertia Cutoff Switch: $90
All up about $500.00

I had a long chat with the friendly and expert staff, but they just don't carry this kind of gear. "Compared to what you're doing, all our stuff is for toys" they joked ruefully, pointing me in the direction of a minor competitor.

So now I have to troop all the way up to Archerfield just to get a price list...

On a brighter note, I've spent a whole weekend preparing the car for the conversion. I've removed the dying tint from the most dangerous windows, cleaned the console and dash and started planning the rust removal from the door pillars.

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