Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nozzle Rage

I haven't posted for a week or so because my wife has been in hospital with pregnancy complications. Nothing life threatening, and she is home now and resting, but still a reminder about what's truly important in life, I guess.

The funds and donations keep rolling in though, and I have ordered the main contactor, circuit breaker and dash gauges from ZEVA. Thank you again to the people who have sent me money. I hope you can see I'm putting it to good use!

Now that I've got the ignition sorted and the other control parts ordered, the main things that remain are the adapter plate and the battery racks. I've been tinkering with plans for the battery racks and measured the back seat of the car, to see if the plans I've got will fit. I think they will. For the rear rack I plan to drill holes in the metal under the seat cushion and sandwich that metal between the battery rack underneath and another metal plate on top. These two metal strips will have 4 10mm grade 8.8 bolts in them to share the weight of the batteries and prevent metal fatigue in the existing car body.

I haven't planned anything to do with the front racks yet - I will have to wait until the engine is out.

Finally, I measured the swing set height and compared it with the height of the car and engine to see if I can use it as a super-cheap hoist. It will be close but I think I can do it with about 10cm to spare. Here's a pic of me and Jazmin practising her abseiling on it...
If all else fails however, there is a guy on my way to work advertising a hoist & crane for rent, so I might pop in on the weekend and have a chat with him.

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