Sunday, June 15, 2008

Quick update

This one's just a quick update: The distance the transaxle cable travels is 3cm, zero to full. That's the distance I'll need to replicate with the pot box.

On the issue of public charging, I've already mentioned that our local mega-shopping-centre (Logan Hyperdome) has no charging facilities. I'm thinking of asking them nicely to put in some power points, using these lovely centres as an example:

Westpoint shopping centre Enter via the Woolworths entrance (red level - lowest). When coming down the main entrance ramp, turn hard left and look for the powerpoints on the pillar on the corner and EV signage - park in the dedicated EV parking spots.
Woolworths - Round Corner, 494/500 Old Northern Road Underground car-park; look for signage and the dedicated EV parking spots on the far left-corner.
Westfield Hornsby - Cnr of Florence and Hunter Power points are located around the walls on most levels. Best to park early to be sure to find a spot near a power point.

This list is from SydneyAEVA (

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