Friday, June 6, 2008

Cracked the transmission riddle

Good news. The governor will automotically sense the transmission speed and shift naturally, even with the electric motor attached. The key is to modify the throttle input so the governor thinks the revs are climbing slower than they actually are. This will delay the shift a little and make life easier for the motor and the transmission.

Here's a shot of the throttle linkage:

The top cable pulls the throttle open when the pedal is pressed. This in turn PULLS the lower cable and tells the governor that the car is accellerating. If the pedal is "to the metal", the governor will tell the transmission not to shift yet, and keep it in lower gear a bit longer.

By lengthening the link arm and changing the angle, I can tell trick the governor into thinking the car is ALWAYS "pedal to the metal" and keep it in lower gear until it suits the electric motor.

In other news: I've emailed Queensland Transport (our motoring authority) for information/requirements for EV conversion. After a week and a half - nothing except an automated reply saying "we are committed to great customer service and will get back to you within 7 days."

I'm not in the least surprised, and I was never holding my breath. I'll give them another week and then use the phone.

I also sent an email to our local monster shopping centre - the Logan Hyperdome. This has one of the largest carparks in Qld but absolutely no facility for recharging EVs. I wonder if I can apply some gentle pressure and get them to install a power point or two.

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