Friday, June 27, 2008

New Developments

More new developments than Frank Sartor's backyard! That's just a little joke about the ugly and crowded place I used to live, before moving to paradise...

The battery lawnmower has finally died. It was fine during the drought but now that we've had a lot of rain, the grass simply launched a frontal assault and overwhelmed the poor battery. Oh well, that's what you get for buying "Made in China". So we're back to borrowing a incredibly polluting 4-stroke when the grass needs cutting.

It has, however, given me a veritable shower of spare parts to play with. Ev-conversion in minature, if you like.

The motor itself is about double the size of a coke can. That's the green cylinder with the wires sticking out. It has no markings at all so I can't find the power ratings. The black part near the shaft is the adapter plate. I've flipped it out so you can see how my larger electric motor will fit to the transmission.

I've also salvaged a small battery charger, a switch and some wires. There was some left over copper water pipe from renovations at work, and my boss said I could have it if I wanted. Shwing!!! - hammered it out and now I have my bus bar as well. All up, not a bad week!

I've also got a quote for the pot box from Bylong industries. It will be $130 including postage and tax, so I've almost got enough saved up for that... Should be able to get it and the motor at the same time using my tax refund...

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