Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Heater progress

I bought a small ceramic heater off ebay as outlined in previous posts. Now it's time to rip it open, void that warranty and see what we've got to play with.

The original heater - fresh out of the box, with that acrid plastic smell still clinging like London mist...

The heater core from a wrecked Pulsar. It's just begging to be sliced open and stuffed like a Thanksgiving Turkey.

The unit was screwed together with little star-headed screws. No screwdriver or allen key in the toolbox could get it open, so I did what any 32-year old boy would do...BATTERY DRILL!!! FUNFUNFUN!! Here's the result of me playing Dr House MD on a sick ceramic heater.

I've taken out the core element and lined it up on the heater unit - plenty of room there and I'll even be able to hook the wires out through one of the water holes to keep it all nice and tidy.

I like this pic. Something about the confluence of the light, shape and texture make it appealing to my eye.

Now all I have to do is cut open the old heater core and fix in the ceramic element. Gav from KiwiEV used a gasket seal to stick it in place so that's what I'll do also.


David Harrington said...

I thought in an earlier post you said your heater was already electric in the car? Did something change?

Justin Sawell said...

Yes, I mistook the heater resistor for an element. There are definitely pipes from the ICE to the heater core in the engine bay.

Disappointing, but still - everyone has to do it.

Fredrik said...

Hi! Nice to see the work on the EV, thanks for the PM btw. Will follow this blog to be inspired for my own build and to learn some. /Caffe (from DIYelectriccar)

Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for stopping by. you are exactly right, that was baffin island.