Wednesday, November 5, 2008

First Dutch Public Electric Vehicle Recharging Station Opens

It won't be long before every cinema, restaurant and train station has one of these...

As of today, electrical vehicles can be charged at the Wilhelminakade in Rotterdam. Electricity is an environment friendly form of fuel and is substantially cheaper than gasoline. The NRGSPOT, the charge spot where people can charge the battery of their electrical scooter, car or bicycle, is an initiative of Eneco in cooperation with RCI (Rotterdam Climate Initiative) and TNT.

Starting today, Rotterdam will become a bit cleaner. That is because electricity fuelled transportation is both environment friendly and cheap. Eneco has, with financial support from TNT and RCI, introduced the first NRGSPOT. An NRGSPOT is a public charge spot where electrical vehicles can be charged 24 hours a day. Eneco ensures that the charge point will exclusively supply Ecostroom, Eneco's brand of green electricity. Electrical cars, scooters and bicycles are connected to the charger, while the owner can in the mean time go to work, go shopping or out for diner. People are therefore not solely dependent on their own charge spot at home.

Low costs and environment friendly
The use of an electrical vehicle saves costs and is environment friendly. One hundred city kilometres on a two-stroke engine scooter can cost 7 euros worth of gasoline. Fuelling at an NRGSPOT for that same distance costs 1.5 euros and those who charge their electrical scooter at homespend less than 50 cents. When used for business, money is earned back even faster as a result of deductions for environmental investments. Additional advantages of an electrical vehicle are the lack of noise pollution, reduction of CO2 emissions (because green power is used for charging) and the lack of emission of other fine particles.

Not only scooters and bicycles can be fuelled by electricity, but also various other vehicles such as mobility scooters, segways and passenger cars. This NRGSPOT is the first charge spot of the demonstration project in Rotterdam.

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