Thursday, May 1, 2008

Found: local vendor

Well, isn't this a stroke of luck? I've been putting together a list of requirements and costs based on other EV projects (mainly Kiwi EV) and enjoying the exchange rate between the US dollar and the $AUD - thinking I will have to import most of the parts from the USA.

No more! I've found an Australian company that does all the hard work for me. And you'll never guess how I found them...

As you can see, I've placed a Google Adsense ad in the blog to try to generate some cash to fund this incrementally-planet-saving project. Lo and behold - the first ad to be displayed was ZEVA - Zero Emission Vehicles Australia. My saviours! I haven't had time to really look through their online dogalogue, but a quick browse told me that they have most of what I need:

Electric Motor

Pot box & controller

Cable, wire & accessories

Digital displays & advice

So: I'm very excited as being able to deal with an Australian company makes things A LOT simpler for me, not to mention cheaper.

I am stoked.

I had one of those jaw-dropping moments while reading Dilbert this morning. It appears that the message may be finally getting through to some Americans that there are alternatives and the world isn't going to survive very long on cheap oil: Have a read of the post (it's quite entertaining) but also the replies.

There's an unusually low ration of nay-sayers to proponents and this gives me a little hope that maybe, just maybe we are getting somewhere and the message is sinking in...

As for me, I'm not waiting around for a perfect alternative. As General Patton once said "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow"...

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