Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Here's the dilemma I'm considering:

With oil over $120 per barrel, and $1.50/l here in Brisbane - my question is: why aren't they producing more oil? With the price so high, it's worth spending twice as much money prospecting because you'll still make the same profit. The general theory is that there is no more oil - certainly not as readily available as it used to be. Combine this with the thirst of China & India and presto - supply & demand give us high prices.

Reducing demand is a good option. I've been seeing Soon-To-Be-Ex-President Bush promoting Hydrogen as the "fuel of the future - available in 5 years or so..."

Wait a minute: how do you make Hydrogen?

Well, you start with water, and apply electricity to it. Electrolosis creates Hydrogen and oxygen which can then be stored, taxed and put in your fuel cell and used to power your internal combustion engine... I find it sad that electric cars like the EV1 have been available for 15 years now, and you just put the electricity straight into your batteries. Skip the electrolosis part. Combine that with safe nuclear power and use a small rocket system to deliver the nuclear waste into the sun and you've got a great way to keep mobile, save money and reduce emissions. Not not mention saving a huge amount on spare parts for your engine. And paying no nmore money to oil barons who use it for all the wrong ends...

There's a growing group of people who are saying things like "the gonvernment should do something about high fuel prices" and "Why aren't there incentives for alternative energy, solar panels etc"? Wake up people. No useful invention has ever been funded or encouraged by the gonvernment. The steam engine, light bulb, telephone, radio, nuclear energy - even the original motor cars were built by everyday people in their garages or labs. Once the idea was proven, the governments figured out a way to tax it, and only then do they promote it. This is the stage Electric Vehicles are at right now.

I'm planning to convert my 1989 Nissan Pulsar. I'll post the progress here.

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