Monday, March 9, 2009

Project Better Place

I just had a call from Guy at Project Better Place Australia.

A few weeks ago, I submitted my resume with a request/offer to help them with their massive project of rolling out a high-tech EV recharge network in Australia.

I didn't get a response initially, but Guy explained that they have been working almost 20-hour days getting the planning foundation right, and they will soon release an email update to everyone with a Situation Report.

Guy said that once they know exactly what needs they have, and what skills they require, they will be in a position to recruit a variety of people. Basically it was a catch-up call to let me know things are in motion, and to stay tuned.

I responded that I understood their constraints, and appreciated his call. I also reiterated that I was still keen to work with them and emphasised my communication and public speaking experience. I really want to work with these guys and look forward to hearing more.

For more details, go to or for Australian-specific details,

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